“Journal of Construction Technology”(half-monthly)is supervised by China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., and is co-sponsored by Asia-Pacific Institute of Construction Technology Information, China Construction Engineering Corporation and China Civil Engineering Society.

    “Journal of Construction Technology” was founded in 1958.It is a journal nominated for the National Journal Award,“Double Hundred Journal”of Chinese Periodical Phalanx, Excellent Science and Technology Journal of Ministry of construction.

    It is included in the following databases: Excellent Database of Chinese Science and Technology Journal, RCCSE core academic journals in China, International Building Databases, Cambridge Science Abstracts, Copernicus Index, China Railway Science and Technology Literature Database, and Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator Electronic.
     Over the years,the journal has been well received by engineering technicians with its strong practicability and rich content. It is a publication with large circulation, high popularity and strong authority in the field of engineering construction in China.

     Reasons of Ρublіѕhing Your Work in our Platfоrm:
     Professional Editorial Boards: 100+
     Reviewers: 500+
     Number of articales published:25500+
     Authors: 30000+
     Readers: 500000+

    The main columns include:

  Guidelines and policies; Comprehensive review;
  Ground and foundation engineering; Tunnel engineering;
  Road and bridge engineering; Concrete engineering;
  Engineering testing; Identification and reinforcement;
  High efficiency reinforcement and prestressing technology; New formwork and scaffolding engineering;
  Steel structure engineering; Installation technology;
  Intelligent building; Building waterproof;
  Building energy saving and environmental protection application technology;
  Construction process detection and control; Construction enterprise management information technology;
  Engineering quality and building safety; National standards and norms;
  Construction method exchange; Building structure design and calculation;
  Municipal engineering; Mechanized construction;
  New building materials; Foreign new technology;
  Information and abstracts, etc.  
Sponsor: Asia Pacific Construction Technolgy Information Resarch Instiute Co., Ltd., China Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Society of Civl Engiering
Undertaker: construction technolgy media organization

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