Ethics Policy

    Note for contribution:

    ◆The first author information includes: name, company, postal position, professional title and postal code, telephone (office and mobile phone) and e-mail address. The other authors should provide detailed company, city and postcode.

    ◆Please do not set the same paper to multiple publications, unless it is read out at an academic conference, published in an internal journal, or published in a public publication only in the form of preliminary report. However, please explain when you submit the manuscript.

    ◆The editorial department will inform the examination and approval results within three months from the date of receiving the manuscript. If the author has not received the notice of employment from the editorial department within 3 months after submission, the author may inquire the editorial department or deal with the manuscript by himself. If the author needs to handle it by himself, please inform the editorial department to cancel in advance.

    ◆The jounral charge RMB2000 yuan for each article. After a manuscript is published, the remuneration shall be calculated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. The remuneration and free samples will be sent out within one month after publication.In addition to the Chinese mainland, other countries or regions will only give the electronic version to the author.

    ◆Once the paper is published, the contributions will be included in construction technology (CD version), Chinese Academic Journal (CD version) and authorized database of construction technology magazine. If the author does not agree to include, please make a statement at the time of submission, otherwise it will be regarded as agreed.

    ◆We will not return the original manuscript, please keep the manuscript.





    ◆本刊对录用稿件按2 000元人民币/篇收取版面费。稿件刊登后,依据国家有关规定计算稿酬。稿酬和赠送的样刊将在刊出后1个月内寄出。除中国大陆地区外,其他国家或地区将仅赠送电子版样刊给作者。



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