Copyright Transfer Agreement

Copyright Transfer Agreement

Editorial Department of Journal of Construction Technology: .

In accordance with the copyright law of the People's Republic of China, we agree to grant journal of construction technology the exclusive right to use the compilation right (part or all of the article), the reproduction right, the distribution right, the translation right and the information network transmission right of the printed and electronic versions (including the CD-ROM version and the network version, etc.) in the copyright of this paper worldwide. At the same time, journal of construction technology is authorized to be the sole agent to license the third party to use the above rights. Without the written permission of the editorial department of journal of construction technology, we will no longer authorize others to compile, reprint or publish any part of this article in any form.

While sending this paper to the journal of construction technology, we (we) guarantee that:

(1) The above-mentioned papers are original works created by the author independently and have never been published, and there are no problems such as academic forgery, setting the same paper to multiple publications.

(2) This paper does not deal with disclosure and other copyright related infringement issues.

(3) The order of authorship in this paper is true and accurate, and all authors have no objection to it.

(4) The authorship of this article is authentic, and there is no nominal author who did not participate in the creation.

At the same time, we (we) promise:

(1) Before receiving the modification, employment or rejection notice from the editorial department of journal of construction technology, the above papers will not be submitted to other journals. If we do not receive the notice of revision, employment or rejection within 90 days from the date of submission, and we do not want to wait for the result of review and decide to withdraw the draft, we will inform the editorial department of construction technology, and this agreement will automatically become invalid from the date of receiving the Notice of withdrawal, otherwise this agreement will continue to be valid.

(2) This Agreement shall be binding on all authors.












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