Simulation Analysis and Erection Process of Steel Roof for Qingdao Stadium

WANG Hao1, LIAO Feng1, LI Huawei2

(1.College of Civil Engineering,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China;2. Shandong Construction Engineering Steel Structure Co., Ltd.,Jin’an,Shandong 250073,China)

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Abstract: The steel roof of Qingdao Stadium is a large-span suspended pipe truss structure. The structure was assembled into segments, hoisted outside the plane, and closed in the air. The impact of process can’t be neglected, the erection process was simulated and analyzed by SAP2000. Simulation on every installation step of plane truss agrees with actual situation. The result shows that the stress ratio of most members is between 0 and 0.1. The “X” structure unit is relatively independent to each other. The low temperature in winter has little influence on the construction.

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◆Conclusion——refers to the analysis, research, comparison, evaluation and application of the results, putting forward problems, clarifying future topics, hypotheses, inspirations, suggestions and predictions, etc.

Keywords: steel structures; installation; construction effect; simulation

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