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▪ China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd.(CCTC)

CCTC is a large backbone scientific and technological enterprises directly under SASAC of the State Council of China. CCTC has 11 secondary enterprises, including China Architectural Design and Research Institute, China North China Municipal Engineering Research Institute, Asia Pacific Construction Science and Technology Information Research Institute, China Urban Construction Research Institute, Singapore CpG group, Shenzhen Huasen architectural and engineering design consulting company, China standard design and Research Institute, China urban development planning and Design Institute, etc.

CCTC has 13000 employees. The group has 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, 10 national engineering survey and design masters, 8 national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 17 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the the Ministry of housing and urban-rural development, 99 experts enjoying government subsidies from the State Council of China, 6 candidates for the national "one million talent project" and more than 1800 registered personnel.

Since its establishment for more than 60 years, CCTC has completed more than 60000 design projects in 42 countries and regions, including Beijing International Hotel, National Library, National Stadium (Bird's Nest), xiong'an New District citizen service center and other national key projects.

CCTC has undertaken and completed 10 national major special projects, 11 national science and technology research projects in the 10th five year plan, 60 national science and technology support projects in the 11th five year plan, and 36 national key R & D projects in the 12th Five Year Plan. It has won 5 national awards for scientific and technological progress and 160 Huaxia Construction Science and technology awards.

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